The tried and tested basic products of recognised quality, e.g. compression/shear mounts.

They are functional, flexible and universally useable, where the need is for the resilient support of lightweight to medium- weight masses in all areas of building machinery, equipment and engines.

A large range of types and sizes with various metal-part connections allows limitless designs for various applications.



The technically enhanced products with added benefits, e.g. Combi mounts. They increase the functionality and are suitable for inclined mounting situations involving lateral forces:

They provide excellent lateral stability of the masses they support at natural frequencies down to 3.7 Hz. When bolted to a machine and its base plate, they are particularly effective, giving the same spring values vertically and horizontally.



Products and modules with advanced properties and functions, e.g. hydraulic mounts or springs. They provide reliable solutions at the highest technical level, in the resilient support of all types of machinery, equipment and engines. They are suitable for units and apparatus with continuous and intermittent excitation forces.

They minimise the transmission of vibrations in engine mounts, cabs, and gearboxes etc. and have exceptional damping properties.


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